What I Offer

“The principle aim of psychotherapy is not to transport one to an impossible state of happiness, but to help the client acquire steadfastness and patience in the face of suffering” 

– C.G. Jung

My Psychotherapy Approach

In my practice as an integrative psychotherapist, I offer a therapeutic relationship that affirms creative renewal, integration and wholeness, by encouraging clarity and mindfulness in the development of self-compassion and awareness of our inner compass that stirs our choice making abilities. 

I draw on psychodynamic, existential, attachment – relational, humanistic, trauma, cognitive, transpersonal, neuroscience perspectives and insights, and in my work with children I apply play-therapy modalities. 

A core interest I have is in the coping strategies and beliefs that can be triggered by distress, neglect and trauma, which can compromise self-esteem and the image one has of themselves, diminish our expectations of life relationships, which is a factor in the development of various compulsions and addictions.

By learning to stably meet and parent our distress, we can find greater clarity, peace and lightness, affirm self-acceptance, and anchor emotional security, to better nurture our life relationship needs and make choices in our lives which are more balanced and fair.

My Supervision Approach

I supervise both qualified and experienced psychotherapists and counsellors as well as those who are still in training. I think at best supervision nurtures a culture of high support and high challenge. It is often encouraging, at times instructive, educative and always takes into account, and account of, the relationship between supervisor and supervisee, and the matrix of supervisor, supervisee and client.
Developing self awareness is a key element to a sound supervision; this means as well as working with the client material, part of the focus is with the therapist’s process, including body awareness, embodied transference, parallel process and meta-communication. There is an educative dimension to supervision, experiential and at times skills based learning






I work with adults, young people, and children by offering face-to-face or via Skype, long term and/or time-limited sessions. I offer psychotherapy in three languages – English, Italian and Spanish.

Abuse, Addiction(s), Anxiety, Bereavement, Cancer, Children’s emotional well-being, Cultural issues, Depression, Domestic Violence, General counselling, Health related issues, Identity problems, Infertility, Loss, Mental health issues, Personal Development, Post-traumatic stress, Relationships, Self Esteem, Self Harm, Sexual identity, Sexuality, Spirituality, Stress, Trauma, and other occurring issues and concerns you may have.

£ 75 per session (Limited Concessions available)